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Three Cheers to a Healthier Happier You!

Updated: Apr 10

During a recent health coaching session, one of my wonderful clients shared with me an experience she had last week. Elated to hear of her epiphany, I asked permission to share her experience with you. Stories like this make my heart so very happy!

Six months ago, my client’s (now my amazing friend’s) favorite meal during her quick lunch break was two slices of cheese pizza and a soda from a restaurant next door to where she works. She made the decision to revisit the restaurant which she had not been to since she began my signature program. During a recent session, she explained that she thought she would treat herself by having “just one slice of pizza, water, and a side salad.”

An Infograph featuring a picture of a pizza and under it a woman eating a salad.
A Healthier You

Six months ago, everyone at the restaurant “knew her name and her typical order.” As she shared her story with me, I could hear the lyrics from the Cheers theme song play in my head. This was a nostalgic moment for her. She was reliving the days when she didn’t consider what she ate. She was also expressing how much she missed the not-so-good food she once lived on.

As she shared details about the meal she had regularly enjoyed, the people who worked there, and the ease of not having to think about or prepare her own lunch, there was a sense of nostalgia., but…

when she walked into the restaurant, she was shocked...

and then she had an epiphany. The establishment had undergone a major change. It had been completely renovated and those once working there were no where to be found. Everything about the restaurant and everyone now employed there were totally unfamiliar to her. The restaurant had been completely changed and all of the faces were new to her.

At that moment, she had a major epiphany! She realized that she had changed as much as the establishment had. She was a healthier and happier person. This revelation was so powerful that she walked right out and happily chose a healthier option for herself and the wonderful, amazing body that takes care of her every second of everyday. You can imagine her delight, and, as her health coach and friend, mine!

I am so stinking proud of her! When we first met, she had trouble walking. The pain in her knees was excruciating. She has lost over thirty pounds, has decreased her medications, her joints and knee pain have significantly decreased, she is being mindful about what she puts in and on her body, and is beginning to understand the importance of movement.

Perfection is never the goal. Eating healthy does not mean that you can never enjoy a slice of pizza. Perhaps it means making your own delicious, healthy version or using the “If/Then“ strategy below:

Think of it like this…

”IF I eat a slice of pizza…THEN I will be sure to move afterwards.“

Perhaps you can dance to your favorite music, jump on a rebounder for a few minutes, or go for a nice walk.

How sad would it be to never enjoy a treat now and again. What you will most likely find is that, when eating healthy foods, both your tastebuds and your gut health will change for the better. Your body will no longer crave these types of foods, and you may not like a greasy slice of pizza or a very sugary piece of cake.

So, cheers to this amazing person! And, cheers to you, for stopping by!

Be well!

Elise xo

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Such a joy to hear how her life has changed for the better. It is amazing how our bodies change when we make better choices. Our taste buds no longer even like what we used to feed ourselves. Thank you for inspiring & encouraging us!

Melody Honeycutt

Elise Johnson
Elise Johnson

Thank you for visiting, Melody! YOU are an inspiration!



This was a wonderful and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing her story with us as we are encouraged to keep writing the chapters of the adventures of our own lives.! XO

Elise Johnson
Elise Johnson

Thank you for stopping by! I love how you used the word “adventure.” I often refer to my own health journey in that way. It is an adventure and a way of life. It is ever-changing and the more I learn about my health and my body the more exciting the adventure is!

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