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Sleep Like a Baby

Updated: Apr 10

A beautiful newborn is sound asleep with arm his little head on a comfy blanket.
Sleep Like a Baby

Knowing how important a good night’s sleep is to your health, I’ve written about it before and have helped many of my valuable clients reframe how they think about sleep. Have a look at sleep optimization in this article:

Today, I will ask you to consider adopting a similar bedtime routine that children are given. And while each of these steps seem easy, ask yourself if you practice any of them. I would like to challenge you to begin to wind down before bed with this simple yet effective routine:

  1. Creating a ritual is key.

  2. Take a warm bath or shower: Bathing my young children before bedtime was one of my most favorite pastimes! I loved bath time so much that I always gifted new mommas a beautiful bathtub filled with soft towels, facecloths, bath toys, soaps, lotions, cozy pjs, and a sweet bedtime book. Adopting this same bedtime ritual of a warm bath or shower will help you sleep like a baby, too!

  3. Drink a warm cup of decaffeinated herbal tea or a warm turmeric latte made with coconut milk and turmeric.

  4. Read a good book before bedtime. Choosing the right type of book at this time of the day matters. A scary thriller might not be the best choice when trying to calm your sympathetic nervous system. Perhaps you can reserve that for afternoon reading. Instead, a nice relaxing, uplifting book would be a great choice.

  5. Head to bed at the same time each evening and awake at the same time each morning.

  6. Think three positive thoughts before dosing off and three more when you awaken.

  7. Apply cedarwood oil to the soles of your feet before heading to bed. It will help to relax you.

  8. Nighttime prayers: Spiritual health is important and is listed as one of the primary foods in integrative health and for good reason. When I was a child, my mother always said prayers with us before bedtime. She thanked God for watching over us and for keeping us safe. This ritual was very important because we know that many children fear being alone especially when in the dark. As adults, this same ritual can be helpful. Praying before bedtime and relinquishing your fears and anxieties by giving them to God allows us to not focus our attention on what makes us afraid, but on the most powerful influence in our lives, and for me, that is Jesus Christ. Naming our fears and anxieties and giving them to God is one of the most powerful things you can do. Surrendering means that you are not alone. It is the recognition of a higher power in this world.

I hope you will find these tips helpful! Cheers to the power of a blissful night’s rest!

Sleep tight,

Elise, xo

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