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Moving with Intention

Updated: 3 days ago

A moving car riding into the sunset. Sky is filled with beautiful hues of yellow and orange.
Moving With Intention

Is motivation enough when trying to make positive, healthy, and sustainable changes to your lifestyle? Motivation is definitely not a bad thing. We know that. But people often feel like they must be totally motivated and committed in order to change. And when they do not feel as though they are one hundred percent ready, or that they do not have the tools, means, or insight to make change happen, they never move towards it. They become overwhelmed. They get stuck just like the parked car that needs a key, a driver, or gas.

When a client is motivated to change, I know that the next step is to set intentions. You might be surprised to hear that creating intentions increases behavioral changes three times more than motivation.

Yesterday I received a call from a dear friend interested in my 6-month program. Something she said got my wheels turning (pun intended). :) Ready to make a change in her life, she spoke these words:

“God can steer a moving car better than he can a stopped one.“ Her words and desire to honor and love herself deeply touched my heart. I can hardly wait to begin walking with her on this exciting journey. I knew at that moment she was ready to consider the next steps - joining the program and setting intentions.

One of the blessings and privileges of being a health coach is the power of helping your valuable clients create long-sustainable changes which ultimately lead to results. What is the difference between intentions and motivations? Motivation, frustration, and sometimes both, are typically expressed during the individual’s first interaction with me whether it be during a phone call or their initial health history session. You can think of motivation like a parked car. Just like the parked car, motivation alone will not lead to movement or long-lasting changes. It is the intentions that you create that lead to positive changes and therefore results. The parked car has the ability to move when a key is placed in the ignition. It has the ability to move when the accelerator is stepped on. And with the help of the person behind the steering wheel, it has the ability to move from here to there. Putting the key into the ignition, pressing on the accelerator pedal, and steering the car would be the intentions. Even then, you must change direction, slow down, increase the speed, and make important decisions while driving the car.

Intentions are powerful ways to move the needle. Setting intentions not only allows us to measure our accomplishments, but to set specific times and to create the atomic habits that will ensure continued success. A health coach will help you set intentions and create a realistic plan for success. A health coach will celebrate with you as you reap the benefits and move the needle closer to your goal with each day.

Friend, if you need to change something in your life, please don’t wait until you feel motivated. We often get in our own way. Instead, choose to change and act accordingly. All you need to do is to step out in faith. Take baby steps. Celebrate each step. It is the small, sustainable changes that lead to big results. Have faith in yourself, in the One who created you, and in your amazing body that works so hard every second of every day to take care of you. Be sure to show your appreciation by taking good care of it.

Be well!

Elise xo

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